A Little Welcome Note

Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Japan (back to my Motherland), where I spent a year living in Tokyo. From the trendy shopping malls of Shibuya to the fish markets of Tsukiji, the vibe and the unique lifestyle of the Japanese people were incredible. In retrospect, the whole experience still feels surreal, as if my experiences were drawn from a book of another traveler. Everywhere Iā€™d go, there seemed to await something strikingly new ā€“ a local cuisine I have never heard of, weird manners and etiquettes, high school girls in their matching uniforms shopping for the latest trends in Harajuku ā€“ I was overwhelmed by all these things, smells, tastes, that I have never experienced in the twenty-something years of my life. In this website, I will be sharing some of these unique, fun, and weird Japanese experiences from my year living in Tokyo. I hope you enjoy them!